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Friday Five Football Faves (Sentimental Edition)

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  1. Buffalo Bills – here’s where my love for football begins. With the big playoff comeback game against the Dolphins, the first game I ever watched by myself.  This division is a hard one, but I have hope that we’ll see some foundation building soon.
  2. New Orleans Saints – I’ve always been one for underdogs (see above and below).  My dad took me to Nawlins for my 21st birthday, and we saw the Bucs beat the ever-loving snot out of those Saints.  I brought home a pennant for my then boyfriend/now husband.  Astonishing that this weekend we look forward to those Saints actually having a chance to take home the Super Bowl.
  3. Oakland Raiders – Born and raised in the Bay Area, this is a sentimental inheritance from years of living with my brother.  I like the roughness of the Raiders, and even tho their the worst team of the aughts, I still have hope that Al Davis will not own the team someday soon, and that will be a good day for Raider Nation.
  4. Baltimore Ravens – This is a new one for me.  I am impressed by Flacco and awed by Ray Lewis’ energy and impact.  Hopefully we’ll see this team in the big game soon as well.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – Singletary has dramatically improved this team.  In the aftermath of the dominance, I really disliked this team (see, also Raider Nation participation). Now that their shine has truly worn off, I can start rooting for them as underdogs again.  Although, if the improvement continues, they may not be underdogs for long.

It’s hard to ignore that the NFL’s target demographic is absolutely not me.  From harassment at Jets home games, to super offensive ads during the big game, and don’t get me started on cheerleaders (not personally, but their use to promote the game through their boobs and, well, cheerfulness.

But methinks that is deserving of more analysis and another post.  What do you think, dear imaginary reader?


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One thought on “Friday Five Football Faves (Sentimental Edition)

  1. You know sweetheart, you can root for any of those teams ~ I am so happy that the Saints won (and no, Scott did not go to the victory parade celebration ~ he’s showing his age – teehee.)As long as you’re not a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you’re okay. My underdog team, the Cleveland Browns have one of the distinctions of only four teams in the NFL to NEVER have made it to the Super Bowl. I hope I live long enough to see the day when they’ll go. Hugs, AR