Mama Carrie Makes

Crafty Hump

How to you restart your creative engine after a slump?

I have been going through pictures I’ve taken of WIPs (Works in Progress) and FOs (Finished Objects).  Looking at some of my favorite crafty blogs, window shopping on artfire, and looking at and playing with the supplies in my home.

My urge is to purchase more supplies: I could buy fabric, beads, and scrapbook paper until bankruptcy.  That doesn’t actually sit well with my significant other (I am shocked, as you are).  So I clench my teeth and talk it through and re-focus my crafty dreams onto what I already own.

Today, I will fight the urge to blow the tax return at the craft store and get into the fabric I already have to make some pouches.  I have also found that just making something very simple, the physical act of creation, will kick me over the wall.

Cross your fingers for me.  And enjoy some crafty p0rn as well…


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