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Driving ‘the Hill’ after visiting Dad and Sam*. Entering the turn in the right lane, Little White Car in front of me, we’re trying to pass Slo-Poke in the left lane.

The road is wet, the sky is dark, the highway is full of cars. Slo-Poke and I both seem to sense that Little White Car is about to lose control. LWC wobbles side to side, then again. Seems to recover just before spinning into the center divider, headfirst.

Explosion of sparks in the dark night, spectacular and sickening. LWC spins again, this time into the hillside, violently. I pull off into the turnout, to use the Call Box. Haven’t used one since my own accident on this highway, eight years ago. They’ve been upgraded.

The operator asks if I’m having car troubles. Connects me directly to the CHP dispatch. Another car has pulled over right in front of the wreckage of LWC. The lights are in my eyes. Slo-Poke is still in the lead, way down the road by now. Are there injuries, she asks. I don’t see how there wouldn’t be, I reply. Better send a bus, fast.

Back on the road. Shaken. Grateful. Cautious. Reminded.

Photo credit unknown.


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