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Road Trip: Picture Extravaganza

Mindful of my imaginary readers with elderly computers, the photo dump starts after the break.   Check out the weecap here

After a very long day in the car, we were so ready to arrive.  After a rainy morning on the road, the sun had finally broken through for some beautiful scenery.

We stayed at Grammie and Grampa’s house in the beautiful Hazel Dell neighborhood.

On our date night adventure, we shopped, ate and drank our way through the Pearl district of Portland.

After church and Easter sandwiches, we hit the road again for Medford.  We were back on the road early the next morning, hoping to make it home quickly.  Little did we realize…

Luckily that was at the top of the mountain pass.  Just an hour or so behind schedule.  We had unconsciously planned for this detour.  Brilliant! 

By the time we had lunch in Willows (super park there for a stretch and some playtime) the weather was sunny and beautiful, with a chilly breeze.

Stay tuned for more Road Trip adventures!


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