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What Feminism Means to Me

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Feminism means getting to make your own damn choices, thank you.

Choose to have hairy legs and arms and vagina, or landscape, or wax. 

Choose to wear comfy clothing, revealing clothing, little to no clothing.

Choose to have a baby, 4 babies, no babies.

Choose to get married in a church, or in Las Vegas, or in Cancun, or not get married.  Choose to marry whomever you damn well choose that chooses you back, thank you.

Choose to access every building/website/opportunity or not. 

Choose to flirt, or not.  Choose to have a relationship, or not.  Choose to have sex, or not.

Choose to work, or not.  Choose to work in medicine, administration, academics, or sex.

Choose where to live, and with whom, and for how long.

Choose to travel by plane, train or automobile.  Or high speed rail, ahem.

Choose how to treat your issues that need treatment.  Or not.

Feminism for me also means believing in every human to make these choices for themselves.

*I would love comments here.  What’s missing from this list?  What choices have you made in your life that were not really choices at all?  What choices can you now make that your mother’s generation could not?


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One thought on “What Feminism Means to Me

  1. I loved what you had to say. I can almost hear your voice and I’m glad that you have a “voice” in your life choices. Not every women does or feels like they do. I think there is still a huge inequity in wages for women and the glass ceiling still exists for many women.
    I am happy that there are more women involved in religious/spirtual guidance. They don’t seem to get bogged down in the dogma and doctrines. Women seem to have more tolerance and compassion for those on the journey.
    I weep for women who are used by men as weapons of war by being raped, killed, maimed and wired with explosives. I dislike seeing women wearing camouflage as part of fashion.
    Education, education, education. Thanks for asking. hugs, AR