Mama Carrie Makes

A New Direction

We have decided to move 700+ miles to the North.  To the Portland/Vancouver area.  In October.

Yes you read that right.  October 2010.

I’m breathing deeply through the anxiety of change.

So much to be done in the short time we have.  And summer always goes by at light speed.  Here I will chronicle my attempt to carry out this change in a mindful way. 

I want this change, but am terrified by it.  I know we will be successful, with awareness of the odds of unemployment.  We have family in the area that I know will support us, but it’s hard to ask so much of them.  But the chance to live near each other again is very exciting.  I’m having trouble sleeping, of the day-before-first-day variety. 

A new place.  A new life.  What do I want this new life to be like?


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