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As the Makes family prepares to relocate 700 miles to the North, I find myself taking more pictures of our current city/county.
While not perfect, Santa Cruz County is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with great diversity of experience to be had in a small radius. In 90-120 minutes, you can be in the big city, the snow, the desert, the forest, the mountains, the ocean, or the amusement park.
I know the city/region we are moving to is wonderful as well, but I’m glad to have some time to savor the experience of this place, and to take some pictures.

ETA: Photo show after the jump.


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3 thoughts on “Leaving

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  2. We’re heading out Colombus Day weekend. My last day at work is 10/5, Josh and Ruby’s last day at work/school will be 10/8. 4 short weeks!

  3. Hey Cuz – I know how you feel. 😦 Do you guys have a departure date?