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Merry Merry everybody

It’s been quite a final quarter of 2010. We relocated, moved in with the ‘rents, found jobs, reconnected with family, started learning our way around.
We’re getting ready to head over for the Xmas Eve feast preperation and crafting. My hands are tired from making most of our presents this year. I’ve taken up knitting again, and while it hurts my hands, it calms my soul.
PapaMakes had three job offers in two days, after searching for two months and starting to lose hope. Just the Xmas present he needed, a little confidence.
KidMakes is enjoying her vacation from school. Her GrammAlaska took her to see the mall Santa Claus, but couldn’t afford the $20 to have a picture taken with him. She told KidMakes that she could sit on his lap and talk to him, but they wouldn’t be able to get a picture. When they got up to the front of the line, the family who was just finishing up paid for KidMakes to take a picture with Santa! I tear up just thinking about it. Thank goodness for kind people in this world. The joy on her face in her first picture with Santa is priceless. Thank you mystery family!
I hope you find kindness in unexpected places this year and next. I hope you know peace and joy. I hope you have all you need, and sometimes what you want.
Blessed Be, dear imaginary reader. See you on the flipside!


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