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I love to craft. Working on a project calms my spirit.
Most of the time it’s not about the end result of a project, it’s just having a project to work with my hands.
Unfortunately, my hands hurt. A lot sometimes.
What if someday I am unable to work with my hands? What if I lose fingers to this? Could I learn to craft with my toes?

The ring finger of my right hand popped at the joint just above the palm, and since then it’s been excruciating.  I cannot make a fist, I cannot write.  Crafting is a pipe dream.

After seeing an MD (thanks work sponsored health insurance!) the verdict is carpal tunnel with tendonitis in my ring finger.  The remedy, wrist braces.

Let me tell you, imaginary reader, of the near instant relief these brought.  After learning the proper way to wear them (not tight!) the pain and numbness is totally gone.  Oy, I chide myself for not seeking medical advice sooner.

I am so relieved to know that this doesn’t have to be a death sentance for my crafting life.  I must adapt, take care of my wrists and hands.  I can have a long and happy crafting life!  Hurrah!


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