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To Kindle or Not To Kindle?

I love gadgets, and I am considering a Kindle.  I’m tempted, but have some definite reservations.

The feeling of a book, the weight of it in my hand, the smell of the pages.  I’m afraid of a book being editing without my knowledge.  If I want to have the controversial version of Tom Sawyer, how will I know that They won’t change the text while I sleep?  If/when the apocalypse happens and we no longer have electricity, how will I access my book collection?  Will it be as much fun to browse with a Kindle?  I love walking the aisles at the bookstore, pawing through the sales and clearance books, taking a chance with a new writer.  Will my choices and selection be greatly diminished?  Does Amazon buy back used Kindle titles?

On the other hand, PapaMakes and I could quit moving hundreds of pounds of books whenever we relocate.  I could carry dozens of books in my purse without risking severe injury.  I could shop for books from anywhere, and upload them instantly.

Thankfully right now we cannot afford any new toys, so the decision is out of my hands.  What do you think, Imaginary Reader?  Do you Kindle?

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