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Rad Fattie – Episode 15

The Rad Fatties Project is a collection of silent self-portraits.
The goal of the project is to examine the difficulty some of us have looking at our physical selves and start to bridge the gap between our inner and outer selves.
This is an opportunity to look at yourself without the voice of judgment. No pointing out or apologizing for any part of your body. This is a project designed to encourage body-positivity.
Beyond that, I believe that by putting ourselves out there, we step into a revolution. By expressing ourselves physically–in addition to our words, we have to opportunity to say in one more way that we deserve our space.
And we need a revolution, don’t we?
Post a picture or a series of pictures on your own blog on Fridays. (I’ll post on Thursday nights.) It doesn’t have to be you alone, but you need to be present. It can be a staged self-portrait, a snapshot of your life, or maybe even an old picture of you. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are there. This is a silent project–that means, no commentary from you on the photograph in the post. Just a title.
Comments might lead to conversation. That’s a good thing! On this blog, body-positivity is a must. I encourage you set the same rule on yours.

This project started on Live Once, Juicy, as a way to normalize seeing pictures of ourselves. While the point is to post a pic without comment, I wanted to analyze what doing this for (almost) 15 weeks has done for me.  Breakin’ the rules just a tiny bit this week, after the jump…

Self-acceptance.  Simple, no?  In a tiny nutshell, that is what this project has meant for me.  A means to access and increase self-acceptance.  As a fatty, I am not used to looking at pictures of myself, much less without judgement.  That is the express purpose of this project.  Posting without comment or judgement.

I posted a picture a few weeks ago that would have been deleted from my camera the moment after it was taken if not for this project.  Taken during a picnic with my family to celebrate the coming of the sun.  I was sitting and my fat tummy was sticking out for all to see.  And I put that picture up on the internet.

I know!

And that’s the result.  That’s why I will continue posting pictures of myself on the internet.  Because I am a person, who is fat, and creative, and loving, and smart/imaginative/crafty/loved/rad.  I am all these things, and many more.  And not one of them define me more than the other.

I am working to love myself just the way I am, so that I can help my daughter learn to love herself and possibly shut out all the messages she will get about how she should look and behave.  I want her to know that she is rad, and no one can tell her she’s not.


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