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Truth or Dare Tuesday

To obey, we perform.  We work.  We do our homework.  We put in overtime.  We exhibit enthusiasm for the company.  We conform.  We observe ourselves, work on ourselves.  We repair the damages done by a system that is slowly murdering us.

A life of compliance is a life of denial.  We deny the body.  We feel sick – yet we go to work.  We feel hungry – yet we don’t eat.  We deny feelings – for the jail requires that we suppress our emotions, especially our anger and our rage that might lead to rebellion.

Obedience has its cost: the destruction of the self.  To be good is to be a slave, unfree.  When we comply, when we aid the system in its ultimate disregard and destruction of us, we hate ourselves.  We know that we have been stupid, blind, weak.  And so we cannot comply all of the time and live.  At times, we must rebel.

– Starhawk “Truth or Dare:Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery”


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