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Truth or Dare Tuesday

But we need not despair.  Blink your eyes; look again.  War’s very scope is the telltale evidence of war’s fragility.  The system of war encompasses all systems because only thus can war be sustained.  If the whole world must feed war, than even a small decrease in sustenance can starve war.  If war’s weight is so great that many are crushed underfoot, then a little softening of the ground can sink the lumbering beast.  If war is a towering edifice, then a crack in the foundation can bring it down.

Domination is a system, and we are part of it, and in that lies hope.  For any system is always in delicate balance, dependent for its stability on the feedback of its parts.  When the feedback changes, so does the system.  At first it reacts to regain its stability, but if the new feedback is sustained, the system will be transformed.

Domination is not the creation of some evil force, but the result of millions of human choices, made again and again over time.  Just so can domination be undone, by our shaping of new choices, by small and repeated acts of liberation.

Starhawk, Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery


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