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Friday Football Feelings

I really enjoy watching football. Most of the time. I still have to turn away when they replay the gross injuries, though.  I think I enjoy seeing what the human body is capable of, and what a team of players can do when acting as a cohesive unit. I enjoy the big plays, the fight to the finish, the stunning catches.

I do not enjoy the reality that this sport does serious damage to the players, most of whom do not enjoy million dollar salaries, and most of whom will not enjoy the lifetime of disability caused by their sport, which will be largely unsupported by the NFL thanks to their new contract.  I also do not enjoy the total exclusion of women, with the exception of the cheerleaders and sideline beauties, of course. (/side-eye)

While I do enjoy football, I don’t understand a lot of the jargon they use during pre and post game analysis. But I still watch. I know what I feel, hence the name of this post, perhaps the first in a series.
1. Detroit Lions – I don’t care if this is a fluke season, I am so excited to see this team winning! Here’s to an underdog Superbowl this year.
2. Buffalo Bills – okay, so they’ve gotten a loss under their belt for this season. Can we please continue the winning? And sign Fitzpatrick to a contract so he can (hopefully) win a d**n Superbowl for us? That is all.
3. Pittsburgh Steelers – I really dislike this team, and I know most of my reasons for doing so are emotional and probably unfounded, but there I am. While I don’t wish a broken orbital bone on anybody, I am very glad they’re being handed their as**s this season.
4. Baltimore Ravens – not perfect, but definite contenders for greatness. Flacco is proving himself to be a leader (with a few bumps in the road) and who can deny Ray Lewis will be a Hall of Famer?
5. Baltimore Colts – What a reality check for this franchise. I guess when you totally depend on one person to run your offense, and that person is injured, this is what you can expect. I feel for the defensive players, tho, and they’ve been seriously impacted by injuries this year as well. I guess there’s always 2012?

Do you watch football? What’s your team?


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