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Bump in the Night


(Inspired by MamaKat’s Weekly Prompt)

When I was a kid, I was scared of almost everything, but a couple of my fears really stand out.

I was terrified of sharks.  Swimming in the deep end, I would imagine a shark coming out from behind the underwater light to bite me.  For years I had the same recurring nightmares about being slowly eaten alive by a gigantic shark.  The movie Deep Blue Sea is taken directly from my sleeping brain.  The narrow walkways between deep pools containing intelligent hungry sharks.  <Shudder>  To this day, I avoid Shark Week like the plague.  I have developed some sympathy for these creatures, however.  I now realize that they are not the masterminds of the sea, plotting to make a meal out of me at their first opportunity.

I was also terrified of the dark, and this phobia is still with me to this day, although to a lesser degree.  In my childhood home, my bedroom door was right next to my parent’s door.  In order to walk down the hall to the living room, I would have to walk in front of their darkened room.  I remember sprinting down the hall to the living room as fast as possible with my heart in my throat.  Or, if I needed to get into my room, I would sprint in and jump onto the bed with my back to the wall.

Funny, when I hit puberty I started reading Stephen King’s novels with a passion.  I couldn’t get enough.  But when I started reading ‘It’, I couldn’t finish.  It was too scary, what lies beneath.


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  1. Oh those darkened doors in hallways….got me everytime too..:)

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