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Today, I am venting.
My job requires that I cover Reception when the Receptionist is on vacation or sick. I also cover her lunch every day. She is out this whole week, and I am covering the morning shift.
I am so tired of callers taking their frustrations out on me. I’m sorry that person has not called you back, but I am not magic and I cannot make them call you. Treating me rudely is not going to solve your problem.
This is a common theme. They’ll ask for Jane, I will transfer them to Jane’s desk (which is in another part of the office). Then they’ll call me back to complain that it went to voicemail. Is voicemail a new invention? I do not have the answers you’re looking for, leave Jane a message so she can call you back! I am also not psychic! I can’t see Jane’s desk from here, so I don’t know if she’s on a break or on the phone or in the restroom or whatever.
I am so grateful to be working, but I’m really done with being treated badly by strangers over the phone.


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3 thoughts on “Ack!

  1. haha you must have read/watched Anne of Green Gables??? She talks a lot about kindred spirits! That we are! lol

  2. omg!!!!!!!! This is so me everyday! I hate it too, I get so frustrated too and the other lady that I work with does NOTHING! I understand completely! It’s soooooooooooooo frustrating!!!!!!!! Sometimes they call and ask the craziest questions and expect me to know all of the answers!

    • I work in a medical office and they ask if I’m the doctor/nurse all the time.
      Yes sir, they pay a doctor/nurse to answer phones!!

      Common logic people!

      Thanks for your comment, we are kindred spirits. 🙂