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Gratitude’s for Suckers

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Hello again.  A bit of a break there, hmmm.  A little writer’s block, mixed with some family drama and a dash of vacation road-tripping.  Oh holidays, here you are again.  Yay.

We road-tripped it down to Central CA earlier this month.  4 days of driving with 3 days of ‘down time’ (which included more driving) does not a vacation make.  BUT, we got to see a lot of people for which I am grateful.  I’m really happy we moved up to the NorthWest, but I really miss my people.

We made the trip to attend my friend’s wedding.  I met him in 1994, as a sophmore in high school.  One of my oldest friends, one of the last to make the leap into marriage.  My two other oldest friends were in the wedding.  Made of awesome.

Another reason for the trip was to meet all the new children in our loved ones’ lives.  Babies are so special and CUTE, and I am really glad I don’t have one anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have had that experience with KidMakes, but I am finished with the constant and total dependence.  I like having a conversation with my child, seeing what kind of colorful outfit she’s going to put together, what kind of terrifying question she’s going to ask from the backseat of the car on our way home from after-school care.

But it sure is nice to snuggle with a little tiny baby for a few hours.  To feel the satisfaction of comforting a cranky baby and lulling hir to sleep in your arms.  It is also wonderful to play peek-a-boo with an almost-toddler, and hold tiny hands while zie stands and takes a few unsteady steps.

And then hand off to Mom or Dad when my arms are tired.

We also stayed with my brother and his family.  They had just returned from a funeral earlier in the week for a close family elder.  Now that I’m getting older, my experience with hospice and grief and loss are coming in handy, so, glad to help but sad that help is needed.  We didn’t dwell though, and had a (very short) fun visit.  My niece is a 10 year old genius artist athlete.  My nephew is a 6 year old Angry Birds specialist and out of the box thinker.  My sister-in-law is the world’s most amazing stay at home mom, and just one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  I’m grateful to have had some time with them.

And then we drove home.  And proceed to have one of the suckiest weeks in recent memory.  Which reminds me how good our life is usually. 

I am so grateful for my husband and daughter, for our healthy relationships and the safety to say what we need/feel/hope/fear and be heard.  I am grateful for my in-laws and parents, for the lessons we can learn from them.  I am grateful for my brother, no matter how long it’s been between visits we can settle comfortably back into our relationship and talk for hours.  I am grateful for my job, our home, KidMakes’ school.  I am grateful for so much, I’ll stop here and say, Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day off with turkey or without.

Love, MCM


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  1. I just added this site to my bookmarks. I like reading your posts. Thank you!