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Friday Craft, Part the First


This will be the first installment of a new series.  In an effort to get back into the rhythm of blogging and so I can schedule some posts out into the future, and so I can show off my crafts, I will be posting a small collection of finished crafts on Fridays.

This week we’ll kick things off with Christmas in April – these are some tags that I made to sell last holiday season, and I’m pleased to say I have no more left!

These were so much fun to make, and quick too.  Whenever I finish up a set of Christmas cards, all the scraps get thrown together for tags.  Then I can use this to get my craft muscles warmed up when I know I want to craft but don’t know exactly what I want to make.

Next week: some Christmas cards!


*Do you make your own holiday cards or crafts?


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2 thoughts on “Friday Craft, Part the First

  1. Looking forward to a “craft day” soon.

    • Very soon. I made a couple of prayer beads and it’s addictive! I made one for my mom to remember her posture post-surgery. Don’t know if it will work, but it made me feel better. 🙂