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Friday Craft, Part Deux


To continue our ‘theme’ from the first installment, here are a few of my Christmas/Holiday cards.

I have been making cards since 2001!  This is by far the craft I have stuck with the longest.  I really enjoy looking at cards I’ve done from different time periods in my life, and seeing how my skills and the cards have changed and improved.

For next time: more cards!


*Do you send or receive holiday cards?


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4 thoughts on “Friday Craft, Part Deux

  1. I love receiving your cards, they’re a gift unto themselves. A gift that you made them, a gift that someone thought about me and sent me one. The cards are just beautiful. Wish we could have a craft day. I’d come!! love, AR

  2. I love your cards. For the last two years I have sent your Christmas cards and always receive compliments.

    • Thank you. I love feedback.
      Cards are my comfort craft. My holiday cards always sell well, not so much the non-holiday themed ones. I’m going to post some of them soon…