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I don’t think anything is easy in life and I don’t think anything ever was. I think it gets more difficult as you get older because you’re facing the end and endings are, as I talk about in my book, unbearable. Loss is tragic. Our lives are basically about facing that tragedy. And I think the sooner we face that we’re going to die, the easier it is to appreciate the moments in life, to enjoy for instance sitting here and looking at the sunlight coming through those curtains. When we realize that our lives will end, we take less for granted. That is what I’ve learned from loss. The whole thing is a fantastic mystery so all we can do is appreciate each moment.

– Diane Keaton, from her interview in the Huffington Post


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  1. So far, Flannel has released five Dobson films, available through the company’s website. There are plans for two more. Though the films range in topic, from loss and forgiveness to healing and growth, all are centered on lessons Dobson learned through his battle with ALS. The videos toe the line between a dark look at a dying man’s life and an uplifting glimpse at someone who exudes clarity.

  2. After reading this far, I bet you’re wondering how you can live your life in such a way that you’ll have no regrets at the end. You’re facing the dilemma that you can’t live like you’ll die tomorrow because you might still have decades to live and need your resources, but you also can’t commit to living a life you’re not happy with so that ‘someday’ you’ll be able to live the way you want to because you might not live as long as you think you will.