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Friday Craft, Journey Through the Craft

These are from another card set using cardstock from a rainbow set, tiny pictures and elements from collage in Portland, OR.  Time for a little local small business love.  Collage sits in the NE section of Portland, on Alberta St.  Collage itself is an awesome little place to spend 15 minutes or 120 minutes browsing, touching, getting the staff’s advice on the latest craft you want to try out, or taking a class on beginning soldering, encaustics, representational collage or any of the other myrriad topics their classes cover.

And when you’ve finished up in collage, and if you have any money left (heh), walk outside and check out the neighborhood.  So many little resturants, tiny galleries, shops, food carts, and speciality stores to see, so little time in a day.

Next time: Earrings!  Prayer Beads!

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