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Friday Craft, Ear to the Craft

On this episode of Friday Craft, earrings.  Earrings are easily my most lucrative craft.  For the relatively short amount of time it takes to make a pair of earrings, they usually sell.  And if they don’t sell they can be dis-assembled and put into another craft or a new pair of earrings.

I also have fun looking through the deeply discounted earrings in my local Fred Meyer to find neat elements to work into nifty new earrings.  Like the hands and bees above, they just needed a bit of color.  Purchased for $3.50, 5 minutes of work, resold for $15 each!  Woohoo!

Note to Self: a post about pricing.  This is easily the area I struggle with most.  What is a fair price to charge for something I would make anyway?  Research to the rescue!

Next time: Sewing!


*What’s your most rewarding craft?

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