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Friday Craft, The Next Chapter


I’ve owned a sewing machine for seven years, but I only periodically sew.  I enjoy making purses and little items.  I have completed one Crib-sized quilt for an auction, and have one queen sized quilt top 75% completed and sitting in the UFO bin.  I also have a Child-size quilt in progress on my quilt wall, but it’s only been 7 or 8 months since I began so that doesn’t count as a UFO, yet…

I like quick sewing projects.  I lose my focus quickly, and need to bounce from craft to craft as inspiration strikes.  I have completed three messenger bags, and each one turned out nicer than the last.

I’ve completed several purses, lots of little zip pouches, an awesome knife roll for PapaMakes cooking knives.  I haven’t tried clothing yet.  I’m not the most accurate fabric cutter, and I fear spending time and money on an item that doesn’t fit or look good.  And I think I’m allergic to ripping out stitches…

Sewing is probably the most challenging craft for me.  I love the satisfaction of a well-made, completed item.  I loathe the meticulousness that is needed to get there.  Perhaps loathe is too strong a word.  I have to be in the mood to take my time with a project to get sewing right.

Next Time: Photography

*What craft do you love and loathe?


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2 thoughts on “Friday Craft, The Next Chapter

  1. Loved all the photos and you are so talented! You have a great eye for putting colors and fabrics together. You’d probably make a great quilter. Compared to what you’re doing ~ sewing pants or a top will be a snap for you. Go for it! love, AR