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Friday Craft, Live Free or Craft Hard

One of my favorite memories of high school is photography class.  We were about a decade away from digital photography for the masses, so we used manual cameras that were probably as old as we were, and developed our own film and prints in dark rooms.

I have been taking pictures since then. Many are locked inside a hard drive I refuse to part with.  Many are not fodder for the elephantine memory of the internet.  You’re welcome.  You know who you are. Heh.

My photography has four main subject areas: family, food, craft and nature.  I’ve used a digital point and shoot for years, but over the holidays PapaMakes and I finally stepped into the 21st century and purchased iphones.  I must say, I don’t like the quality of the iphone pictures, but you can’t beat the convenience of having your camera, music device, ebook reader and internet portal in your pocket at all times.

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I try to take pictures at family functions also, because no one else is really a camera person, which is cool.  The lens can remove you from the intimacy of the action, so I try to capture a few moments and then put it away.  Snapshots with family make the perfect gift, so it’s worth the effort to remember and have the good ones printed.  Put it in a frame, and you’ll have the hit of the year.

My next goal is to learn how to photograph my crafty wares to sell on the interwebs.  I smell a tutorial or link round up!  Stay tuned!

Next Time: Paper Craft


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