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Friday Craft: Escape from Craft Island

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Paper Craft.  My favorite craft right now.  Lately I’ve been making tiny stationary from a template I bought about a year ago.  It sat unused until after the move when I discovered it again.  I’ve already shown you some of my cards so today we’ll look at some other paper crafts.

I purchased a Cricut machine last summer.  The tiny base model was on sale for $70 and I had to snap it up.  Cartridges were also deeply discounted so I got 6.  I’ve been slowly playing with the different elements and trying to incorporate them into my crafts.  The biggest ‘Cricut’ project has been the Memory Card game.  I made three sets, one for KidMakes, one for a Barbarian I know and one for the cutest little girl since KidMakes came along.  This was a fantastic way to use a wide variety of the elements available in the cartridges I had.  I made 24 cards for each set, so 12 pairs.  I used a variety of animals, shapes, and the child’s initials.  So much fun.

I’m brainstorming around what I’m going to do with all the wonderful tiny envelopes and cards I’ve made.  I’m thinking tiny stationary set?  Perfect stocking stuffer size…

Next Time: Tutorial!


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