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Tuesday Tangle, Tangles at Work

I am a workplace doodler.

It doesn’t happen a lot, just when I’m in a meeting and not required to present and/or take notes.

I keep a doodle going and add little bits to it each meeting. I can also flip over and take notes if I hear something important.  And that’s the great thing about tangling during a meeting, I am a better listener when my hands are moving. I can focus on what’s being said and I won’t get bored of listening, because of the physical movement of my hands.

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The freedom of tangling at work comes from a total indifference to the end product. Ultimately it’s just about moving my hands, not about having a ‘finished’ piece. My notebooks have to be shredded for confidentiality, so I have a dedicated notebook for any bigger pieces. Tangling is great during training, and I try to demonstrate my listening by asking questions and participating. It’s easy to misunderstand and think that I’m ignoring the presentation when I’m staring at my notebook.


*How do you survive long meetings/classes?

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