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Friday Craft, Tutorial 1: Simple Earrings

It’s easy for me to say ‘simple’ earrings.  I have the tools and the supplies to whip up many many many pairs of earrings, since I have an addiction to craft supplies.  But what about you, Imaginary Reader, who has never tried beading before?  This post will be my Earrings 101 just for you.  For you, Imaginary Reader: Crafty Edition, stay tuned.  Earrings 102 will come!

What you will need to make one pair of simple earrings:

round nose pliers  |   chain nose pliers   |   wire cutting pliers

2 – 2″ headpins   |   assorted beads   |   2 earring hooks   |   good lighting

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Clean and straighten out your headpins.  Clean your earring hooks too.

Play with your beads until you have a combination you like x2.  Of course, your earrings do not have to match.

Using your round nose pliers, bend the head pin 90 degrees just above the top bead.  Repeat this step with the other head pin.

Now bring the long tail of the head pin over the pliers, creating a loop!  (For a simple loop, simply cut off the excess wire and attach to the earring hook.)  Repeat this step with the other head pin.

Insert the earring hook into the loop you’ve just created, then use the round nose pliers to hold the loop and the chain nose pliers to wrap the remaining wire around itself just above the top bead.  This definitely takes practice. Repeat this step with the other head pin.


Next Time: Charm and Chain Earrings


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