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Truthy Tuesday, Unpretty


Pretty did not feel available to me. As a kid especially. I knew that I did not fit the mold.

Now, I feel safe because I am unpretty.  Invisible to predators. Unwanted by unsavory characters.

I want to teach my daughter that she is valuable and worthy of love whether she is conventionally pretty or not. That make up is not a required facet of femininity, but a choice. That pretty can mean something different to every person in the world. That she can choose what it means to be pretty.

I believe in the radical notion that every being on the planet deserves to love themselves as they are in this moment in time, fat or thin or tall or short or frumpy or fabulous or ‘perfect’ or ‘imperfect.’ Perhaps if we taught our children to love and take care of their bodies instead of chasing a certain body type they would love and take care of each other as well.

RESPECT. KINDNESS. COMPASSION. Needed now more than ever.

This truth has more baggage than I can deal with right now. To be continued…



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2 thoughts on “Truthy Tuesday, Unpretty

  1. Okay, I won’t but … your inner beauty and light shine through everything you say and do, and you’re just going to have to accept that.
    It’s hard not to tell little girls, “you look sooooo cute!! you look sooooo pretty.” especially when they do, but realizing the path that those kind of comments can set them on. We don’t want to do that either. It can be like teaching an old dog new tricks. I don’t discriminate though ~ I tell my boys, “you look so handsome! You are so cute!” It doesn’t have the same affect on boys.
    Did you watch Lisa Lings “Sparkle Babies”? Oh my goodness. Incredible what these mothers put these little girls through and then to say, “Oh, she loves it!” These 4 & 5 year old little girls (and older) parading around like grown women. Stay out of Texas!
    Keep up the good work! love, AR

  2. Please don’t take this post as a fishing expedition for compliments about how I am too pretty. Not my intent…