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Tangle Tuesday, Zentangle ‘Bible’

It’s not an illuminated Christian Bible, it’s my Zentangle ‘bible’.

I wanted a place to put all the tangle patterns I was finding, where I could practice them and start to really learn them and get comfortable.  I started this book in April 2011, and it is well used and well loved.  It lives in my purse and goes everywhere.

I very much enjoy looking over all the original zentangles I’ve completed since starting this journal. I feel more comfortable combining the tangles, having a little bit overlap here and a little bit recede into the background here. I think the biggest step forward I’ve taken is in shading the tangles. They really take on a whole new life once you do a bit of shading.

This tiny journal is almost filled up!  I don’t think I’ve ever used all the pages in any of the many many journals I’ve started in my life.


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