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Tangle Tuesday, World Wide Zentangle

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Some resources to help get your Zentangle on…

Tangle Patterns – a wonderful collection of tangle patterns sorted alphabetically. For a suggested donation of $10, the blogmistress will email you a printable tangle pattern guide (PDF).

I am the diva CZT – Weekly Challenges to flex your tangle muscles. I tried to keep up for a couple of challenges, now I just tune in to see what everyone has created, and whenever I need a Zentangle-jumpstart.

Flickr is a great source for tangle patterns also. And a quick Google search yields 770,000 results!


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One thought on “Tangle Tuesday, World Wide Zentangle

  1. This week we’ve been challenged to make our tangles REALLY BIG using the size we typically work on. For me that would be the 3.5″ square tiles. I went big with Knase and Hepmee and only tangled 2 patterns in order to stay on the big side. I added the dots in the lower corner and resisted adding something to the circle part of Hepmee. This wasn’t easy for me and I’m not tempted to have “overs” with it. I think my hang-up was proportion – but who is to say what proportion one tangle should be compared to another – it’s all up to individual interpretation. So that was the mantra I kept saying as I did this tile.