Mama Carrie Makes

Seven Years Together


She is amazing. Funny, brave, smart, witty, charismatic, curious, thoughtful.

Happy birthday, darling dear.

I love our relationship. I am still her go to for comfort. We craft together, we read together, we watch superhero and pony cartoons together.

My Mom goals are:

  • To raise a child that cares about other people
  • To give her the confidence to resist the lure of the crowd, to find her own path
  • To make sure she knows she is loved
  • To challenge her brain and encourage her to learn and read and seek answers, even when they are not what you wanted to hear
  • To train her in the skills I see and vital to her successful flight from the nest

What I have learned from KidMakes in seven years:

  • How to play Garbage
  • That children are capable of far more than I ever knew
  • That I say, “Interesting” a lot
  • That having a child is like having a piece of your heart walking around outside of your body
  • That she is watching and listening to everything, whether she understands it now or not

Wishes for the next seven years together:

  • Continued close-ness and open communication
  • At least one great traveling adventure together, without Papa
  • Ongoing discussion about self-love, body image, and the media
  • Optimism about her future as an adult

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5 thoughts on “Seven Years Together

  1. You are an awesome Mother and you have a great child. I am so proud of you both. You make me want to be a better person and Mother because I believe no matter how old you are you can always learn and be better.

  2. Wonderful for her to look upon when she is ready to have her own family someday. Happy Birthday!

  3. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing the great photros. Made me cry. You can telll from the photos that you have exposed her to so many different things and she is just so open to new experiences. Good for you! Good parenting!
    love, AR

    • Thank you AR!
      That means so much coming from a Mom I admire.
      Love and hugs,
      PS – She loved the clothes and the Fiesta Flowers kit. She had to make a couple flowers before her party started. Once things calm down a bit, I’ll get a pic of her in the outfits and send it to you. 🙂