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Truthy Tuesday, Adoption in 1978


There has been much movement in my current adoption story over the past week. I had this post ready to go a few weeks ago, and I’m gonna stick with it. I don’t feel ready to discuss the current news so quickly, but be on the lookout for an update a little later this summer.

Until then, please enjoy some random snippets from my “Petition for Adoption”, written in 1978…

“That the name by which the minor who is the subject of this petition was registered at birth is set forth in the Joinder of the Children’s Home Society of California, which will be filed in this proceeding.”

“Petitioners are husband and wife…”

“No consent to the adoption of the minor is required because the minor’s mother relinquished her…”

“On November 14th…the Superior Court…terminated parental rights of the alleged natural father and of any other person claiming such rights…”

“The child is a proper subject for adoption…”

“Petitioners agree to treat the child in all respects as their own lawful child.”

And to finish with two quotes from The Declassified Adoptee that stuck with me…

” I think I identified more with magically emerging from the unfolding petals of a dew-covered blossom at dawn than I did with being born. Being born was for people who were real; who were born to mothers who were real. I was never born as far as I had been concerned. I was adopted.”
” I could stand up and speak out because it was no longer about me; it was about my son.  I could go on denying what was important to me, even if my health was at stake, in fierce protectiveness of those I loved.  But I had a new job now: to love, to fight for, to advocate for this little being with all my might.  He had a right to know his roots.  He had a right to be able to seek out family medical history.  He had a right to attempt a relationship with his full biological family through me if he wanted to.  Then I realized, I was once a baby like he is; I have rights too.”
– Amanda, The Declassified Adoptee
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