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Truthy Tuesday, Apocalypse Now

I want to lament the state of the world today. Offer a concise platitude that will make everyone feel better, including myself.

There are no words.

The only comfort I can offer is the reminder that people who care about other people do still exist. In abundance.

Whenever I talk to KidMakes about scary things, or death, I acknowledge that sudden, terrible things can and do happen. And we need to be thankful for what we have, today, for each other and our healthy, able bodies. To live life and give love freely and see the good all around, mixed in with the bad.

I just finished an amazing novel by Octavia Butler called Parable of the Sower. In this book, set in 2024, the social framework has crumbled, neighborhoods exist behind walls, and those outside the walls are drug-crazed, desperate, or dead.

Her main character, Lauren, creates a new religion. And her God is Change. Change is God. We cannot avoid the unavoidable, but we can prepare our bodies and minds to ride the tide. To survive.

I don’t know if Butler’s future will come to pass (and so soon), but I intend to prepare myself, my family, for whatever comes.

And to acknowledge and appreciate all the good in our lives, every day.


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