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Tangle Tuesday, ZIA

ZIA = Zentangle Inspired Art

A zentangle is art that can be viewed at any angle. Zentangle inspired art is created to look like something in particular, and then filled with zentangle patterns. I have not experimented with this art form very much, but there are many many wonderful examples out there in the Tangled Web.

This is from Penny Raile’s blog, Tangle Tangle Tangle. Most of her works are ZIAs. She is a CZT, or Certified Zentangle Teacher.

This one is by Ginny Stiles, and I’m not sure if she’s a CZT also. I love love love the combo of black & white Zentangled leaves with the colored fruit and leaves. See more of her work at An Artist Labyrinth.

And here’s a link to Michelle Beauchamp’s FAQ page about Zentangle Inspired Art, She is a CZT, and has a lot of great art on her blog.

Finally, here are the two examples of ZIA from my art.  I really like ZIA, and want to incorporate more zentangle into the other areas of art I enjoy, painting, cards, jewelry, etc. (Check out Zentangle Book 5 for a lot of Zentangle jewelry ideas!)


Part I   |   Part II   |   Part III   |   Part IV   |   Part V


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