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Friday Craft, Craft United


PapaMakes got in on the Upcycling craftiness during one of our recent Goodwill hunting trips. The idea came from a few different family and friends.

The original idea is to take thrift store finds (candlesticks, platters) and glue them together to make a cake stand.

In our most recent move, we had to let go of our hanging fruit baskets. No place to hang them in the tiny tiny kitchen. But we gained an abundance of counter space. So PapaMakes found 3 Pyrex items to glue together. (I didn’t get any process pictures, bad blogger, but I promise to learn from this failure.)

Take one Pyrex tumbler/drinking glass, one Pyrex baking dish and one slightly larger glass platter of unknown provenance and some Elmer’s Super Glue and voila! Shiny custom fruit dish of awesomeness!

What do you think?


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5 thoughts on “Friday Craft, Craft United

  1. ***this project requires a glue that will adhere well to plastic, but won’t eat through spray paint or sealer. you’ll get good results from aleene’s glass and bead glue. e6000, on the other hand, eats through the paint.

  2. Great idea – and so effective – nice work!

  3. brilliant & beautiful!! xo AR