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Friday Craft, Tutorial 3: Frame Earrings

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Another tricky way to create easy stylish earrings, frames.

Third verse, much like the first (and second).

What you will need to make one pair of Frame earrings:

round nose pliers  |   chain nose pliers   |   wire cutting pliers

2 earring hooks   |   6 1.5″ headpins   |   assorted beads   |   2 frames

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Clean and straighten out your headpins.  Clean your earring hooks too.

Play with your beads until you have a combination you like x2.  Of course, your earrings do not have to match. With frames you can use all the same beads, as shown, or you can highlight a cool bead in the middle with accent beads on the side, or you could drape chain between the links, or you could…

Possibilities. Endless.

Using your round nose pliers, bend the head pin 90 degrees just above the top bead.  Repeat this step with the other head pins. (For consistency’s sake, it’s important to take each step with each charm at the same time. This way they all come out the same length!)

Now bring the long tail of the head pin over the pliers. Repeat this step with the other head pin.

Hook the loop you’ve just created onto one of the frames loops, then use the round nose pliers to hold the loop firmly and the chain nose pliers to wrap the remaining wire around itself just above the top bead.  Repeat this with the two other beads. Repeat with the other earring.

Open the bottom loop of your earring hook, and insert the top loop of the frame. Repeat this with the other earring hook.


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  1. Only type I have never made and so simple to look so pretty a lot less work that I do thanks for the inspiration!