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Truthy Tuesday, Random poem from 2009

This is a poem from 2009. It was a challenging time. I am not posting it because I feel this way now, but because I like it. I like the message, and it captures one of the big concepts that I was working on during that time. Re-framing…

I am angry.
I am sad.
I am worried.
I am hurt.
I am disappointed.
I am tired.
I am naseuas.
I am alone.
I feel left out.
I feel unimportant.
I feel pessimistic.
I feel a cloud over my head.
I feel annoyed.
I feel emotionally exhausted.
I feel empty.

I want to be special; important; needed; loved; respected; considered; cared for.

I have a good job.
I have a solid marriage.
I have a healthy child.
I have a new car.
I have a safe home.
I have money in my pocket and the bank.

I have the power to change how I feel.
But do I have the will?

Buddha meditates


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