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Friday Craft, Lost in Craft Space

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I had almost a whole week off late July and I wanted to re-do my craft room and make it easier to craft. While progress was made, I was distracted by craft about halfway through. So, no Craft Cave update for you. But perhaps we can talk about storage, hm?

I like these because I can open only one compartment at once, so if I knock it off the table with my arm mid-craft, there wouldn’t be too much to pick up. Or re-sort.

Oh, the sorting it took to transfer all my tiny beads into these containers. It was somewhat meditative. I’m glad it’s done though.

I’m also trying to recycle containers that we buy with everyday things, like the (washed out) yogurt and cottage cheese containers. Family Makes are also using these containers in the kitchen for leftovers and for school lunches.

These Tic Tac boxes are perfect for chain. I also use them for storing sequins and eyelets, brads and tiny stickers.

This is the XL container which I use to store my tools. This way I can put them into the same drawer as my other jewelry stuff and move on to the next craft with a clear tabletop! This container also enables me to take my tools and craft in the wild. Not something I would do on a regular basis, but it’s fun to craft in public sometimes. Non-crafty people look at you like a magician, producing jewelry out of thin air!

My main issue with these storage solutions is that I have to look at each container to try and find the piece I want to use. I’m not sure how I can store all my little bits in an easily searchable way.

How do you organize and store your supplies?


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One thought on “Friday Craft, Lost in Craft Space

  1. We use 1/2 gallon milk containers as ice blocks because they fit perfectly across the bottom of the cooler. We have driven from Ohio to Colorado many times with picnic foods in the cooler so we don’t have to eat fast food and the ice keeps the whole way! I save the plastic containers that couscous, wild rice, etc. come in for packing sandwiches for hiking so they don’t get crushed inside the backpack. I clean out empty Yankee Candle jars and use for storing/displaying things in my craft room and use diaper wipe boxes for a little bit of everything. I recycled two large spice containers yesterday (when cleaning out the cupboard and found they had expired in 2007–that’s the danger for me in buying some things in bulk!) but rescued them from the recycling bin just now as I read this post! Lots of great ideas here! Thanks, everyone, and especially Jilllee!