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Tangle Tuesday, Book Review II

Totally Tangled, by Sandy Steen Bartholomew

This book was my first, and it totally changed the way I looked at my zentangle practice. Highly recommended.

I love the layout of this book. Much like a comic book, the pages are filled with instructions, tangle patterns, finished zentangles and ideas. So many ideas.

An introduction to the tools of Zentangle, then a 101 lesson:

Beautifully illustrated, and simply written.

Shading makes all the difference.  It’s truly true!

After the lesson, there are pages and pages, and pages, of tangle patterns and examples of how to bring it all together.

When in doubt, I page through this book and just try to copy some of her Zentangles. Just to get my inspiration on.

And the book closes with ideas for taking your tangles out into the world. Combine them with other media (paint, stamps, stencils, etc.) and teach them to your friends, family and local kids.

Long live Zentangle!


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