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Friday Craft, Time of Craft

Tutorial time!  Gather together your ingredients…

You will need:

recycled box of undetermined size (I am using a tiny tampon box)

scissors and/or paper cutter   |   adhesive   |   pencil   |   bone folder (optional)

scrapbook paper with a pattern you like   |   about 1 hour

Measure your paper against your box…

I liked the flower pattern, so I cut around it and then took out the middle and put them back together. Perfecto!

Then I measured the other papers against the box and cut to size. (I choose to use up some 8×8 paper on this project, and I had to use 3 pages to fully cover this size box.) And a quick note about cutting paper, I love love love my Fiskars paper cutter. I started with a little one (pictured here) which worked well but didn’t fit 12×12 paper. I’ve upgraded to a larger model, and it’s the best for cutting straight lines.

Once all the pieces were measured and the corners were folded I used double stick tape to attach it all to the box…

It’s the perfect size to hold all of my tiny stationary envelopes.



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