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Friday Craft, Crafty Witch

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I really enjoy Halloween: the playfulness, the clever costumes, the smell of Fall in the air.

I’m not much of a holiday crafter, except for holiday cards, so for this Friday Craft, it’s a link roundup! There are so many amazingly clever crafters on the interwebz. And I’m sure Pinterest is a wealth of spooky craft ideas, but I am afraid to go there for fear of getting sucked in and never escaping.

Thrifty Crafty Girl is one of my favorites year round, and she’s got a series Halloween crafts for you to oogle. Check out her 31 Days of Halloween.

The latest addition to the series: Potion Ingredient Jars – with spooky ingredients made of clay including vampire’s teeth, eyeballs, and fingernail of witch.

Happy Looks Good On You has Monster Munch which looks delicious!

Made By Joel has a Kids’ Halloween craft, Paper Bat Puppets.  With flying action!

This one I found through Mod Podge Rocks! (which it does)…a Book of Spells by Oh So Pretty the Diaries. Upcycle an old book into a Halloween decoration!

Till next week…


Are you a holiday crafter/decorator?  What are your traditional or favorite ways to celebrate the holiday season?


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  1. This are some awesome ideas!!