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Friday Craft, Christmas Craft Headstart

Christmas craft season has begun in earnest.  This week I’ve been working on some cards. Since I’ve been doing cards for some years, I have a great supply of scraps, embellishments, stamps, inks and cards. I pull everything out and sort through it first. Just looking at everything and touching it usually kick starts the creative process.  I’ll find an element I love and want to use, and go from there.

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I’ve also been working on some handmade gifts. This year is going to be pretty tight, for many of the folks I know.  I expect that will be true for many this year. My personal goal is to do an absolute minimum of shopping for gifts, and use my impressive stash to make as many gifts as possible.

I’ve been working on these for my friends at the office.  Since Summer, I’ve been taking all non-confidential envelopes out of the recycling bin at work and using 10 each for these sweet little accordion files. Reclaimed label and envelope boxes wrap up the outside.

These babies are so simple to make and endlessly customizable. All you need is a mandrel or dowel that’s a touch bigger than the finger you’re making a ring for, some 20 gauge wire and beads.  OK, pliers are not required but help a lot.

Another way easy gift to craft. With glass tiles and bails, I just find pictures I like and mod podge them to the tile, then cover the back with velvet paper (or any pretty, thick paper) and attach a bail. Voila!

These picture magnets are made in almost the same way as the pendant pictured above. I got a bag full of these clear ‘stones’ at the craft store and polished them up really well. Then using some tiny pictures I printed from my photography collection, I mod podged them to the back of the stones and once they’re dry cut around the outside with a craft knife.  Then just attach the magnet and you have a beautiful set! Easily customizable with family photos, local maps, or you could use pictures from magazines.


What are you crafting for the holidays this year?


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