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Friday Craft, Gift Idea Tutorial #1

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This is a super simple and economical gift idea.


paint chips  |   2 or 3 split rings   |   hole punch   |   good glue (I like PVA glue, commonly used for making books; in a pinch, Elmer’s would also work A-OK)

Grab your ‘extra’ paint chips, or raid your local Lowe’s Depot for some paint chips in a color palette that pleases you. You’ll need an even number all in the same size.

Put them in order or arrange randomly, then use a paintbrush to glue two together, pretty sides out, edges aligned. These are the pages of your book. I like to let mine dry overnight. Then I gently bend them a little bit all over, to see if I need more glue anywhere.

Punch 2-3 holes in the first page, then use this as a template to punch holes in the rest of the pages.

Feed the split rings through the holes and voila! You’ve just made a custom paint chip journal book thingy!

The best part about this craft is that paint chips come in so many sizes and colors, you could customize this idea for just about anyone in your life. And all you’ll need to purchase is glue and split rings.


Check out my CRAFT page for more ideas!


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