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Truthy Tuesday, La Dee Dah!


I have been nominated by Gwennie’s Garden for the “Inspiring Blogger Award”. (Thank you!!)

blogger awardHere’s my To Do list:

1.display the award on your blog back to the person who nominated you
3.state 7 things about yourself
4.nominate up to 15 bloggers who you think are inspiring and link to their site
5.notify them that they have been nominated and link to the post

Number 1 and 2, check.

Number 3, here goes.  1. I’ve had my nose pierced for 18 years.  2. I was adopted at birth.  3. My sister in law and I share the same name, first and last.  4. My brain is full of (semi) useless pop culture knowledge.  5. I’ve been working in the hospice industry for 10 years.  6. I advocate for self acceptance and radical self love for all.  7. I plan to open an online shop in 2013!

Number 4, as follows…

The Declassified Adoptee

Captain Awkward

Made by Joel

Thrifty Crafty Girl

Things Often Speak to Me

Today is Going to be Awesome

Number 5, in process.

Thank you so much for reading!



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Wife, mother, friend, crafter/artist, rad fattie, nerd, administrative superstar, adoptee, caregiver, humanist, tattooed nose-ring bearer.

2 thoughts on “Truthy Tuesday, La Dee Dah!

  1. Wow. Thank you so much AR. I love you.

  2. you forgot to say in #3 that you are loved by all who know you. That you are considerate, compassionate, caring, and a great mother, wife, daugher, daughter-in-law, auntie and friend. You are dependable, intelligent, consciencious, independent, crafty and are a strong woman, who can think on her feet and isn’t one to just follow the crowd. You’re open to change and new ideas and are willing to walk with people on their journey through life. You bring joy to people and a smile to their face and their hearts when they hear your name. AND you’re forgetful …. you forgot to mention a lot of things. love you. AR