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Truthy, Tangled Tuesday, The Perfect Gift

Recent events and my own personal illness this month has had me thinking about gifts and gifting in a different way this year. What is the perfect gift? Time and attention. My physical and emotional presence. Time with the people I love who are able to travel to our family gathering place. If I was wealthy my gift to any distant family would be a plane ticket and hotel room to come up and visit us.

Being sick meant a minimum of shopping and crafting time in December, so no cards or packages were mailed on time to distant family and friends. Local people got food gifts per household. No frills. Only the kids will have store-bought gifts. And still my brain is telling me that it’s not good enough.
I want to break free from this internalized pressure to buy stuff. No one remembers what you bought for them. They remember whether you were there or not.
It’s you. You are the gift.
I wish for you a holiday filled with people and/or activities you love that make you feel happy. A day free of the should haves and if only-s.
Blessed be. Merry merry.


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