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2012 Year in Review

Blogging has been a wonderful addition to my life. I can look back over the year that was and remember what happened, what I was interested in, what my reactions were.

Hospice. Words to RememberThis year did not get off to a stellar start. In January, it became really clear that our neighbors were noisy and inconsiderate. Our property manager was unhelpful at best. We tried for two months to work within the system to resolve our nightly noise problem, but by March we had moved again. Which I’m really grateful for, because we found a sweet little house that’s perfect for our little family. And quiet!

In April, I started blogging regularly, with a framework of serial posts.   Truthy Tuesdays, Tangle Tuesdays, Friday Craft, and eventually Wordless Wednesday. Developing these series has allowed me to find a blogging groove, and has also doubled my  traffic, from a little bit to a little bit more.  🙂  My goal for 2013 is to participate in more linky parties and double my traffic again.

In June, our family decided to break up with football.  After the Penn State revelations and Junior Seau’s suicide, and the reservations we already held about the culture of football and the long term implications for players and the people around them.  It was just too much evidence that football is dangerous to players and their families and creates an environment where the game is more important than human beings.  Honestly, I haven’t missed it at all.

In July I decided to search for my first mom and attended my first adult adoptee discussion group at the amazing Adoption Mosaic in Portland (donate if you can!) I acknowledged how adoption has impacted my life even though I studiously avoided thinking about it until recently.  In August I learned her name and got an address.  I worked up to writing a letter and mailed it about two weeks later.  No reply yet…

September brought another birthday, with some complicated feelings about the discovery of my first mom, her name and her birthdate, which is also in September.  I was coping with the disappointment of not hearing from her, the realization that finding her information was just the first tiny step in a process that could take years, if it ever happens at all. I was also keeping all of this inside, it was just too much to try to explain to the people in my life while trying to push away how much it hurt. Sorry yall.

October was beautiful here in the Northwest, changing leaves, mostly clear weather. Superstorm Sandy seemed like a joke, but proved to be as horrible as the name suggested.  A reminder of the power of water and air and the fragility of the structures we create.

In November I voted by mail and then celebrated the re-election of President Obama. I know that he’s not fulfilled many, many of his promises from the 2008 campaign and election, but I believe that he genuinely cares about human beings, and I’m thankful he’s our leader for another four years.

December has been  a whirlwind of sickness and joy and devastation and grief and hope.  A lovely fellow blogger, Gwennie’s Garden, nominated me for my first Blog Award.  Friday Craft posts were devoted to Gift Ideas and Tutorials.  And then the unthinkable happened.  And Christmas was viewed under a different light this year.

I am so ready for 2012 to be finished.

In 2013 I plan to open an online shop, re-connect with my body and spirituality, find a new and improved job closer to home, and clean/organize/purge the Craft Cave so I can get some work done!

Blessed Be, dear reader, may 2013 find you happy, healthy and loved.



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