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Friday Craft, Here We Go Again

I’ve been cleaning and purging craft cave, again. I had no craft urges in December, so when I opened the door again and sat down to get my crafty feet wet, I was struck by how dysfunctional my craft cave truly is. I’ve made some progress with my main crafty passions, beading and paper crafts, but I have so many supplies and several crafts that I just don’t do very often.

Craft Cave. Upcycle Overload

Slowly but surely I’m weeding out books and supplies that I really really want to use but know that I never will, or that I will use them so rarely that the clutter they create outweighs the fun I would have for that hour or two every couple of years.

I’m also researching my options for an online crafty shop, and preparing to go live in February. If I’m going to have products for sale, I will need a place for them to live until they ship out.  Preferably a safe place where they won’t tarnish, or be crushed, or found by little girls playing hide and seek.

Craft Room EssentialHopefully this time spent touching all the crafty supplies and books I own will help me to get my crafty groove back. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I do believe in setting goals. Some crafty goals for me this year include painting more, incorporating Zentangles into my painted works, finding my own artistic voice (as opposed to copying projects from my books), opening a crafty shop online (and actually selling things), and creating a streamlined and organized space to craft in.

What are your crafty goals for 2013?



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