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Friday Craft, Inspiration Book Project #1

Whenever I’m in a crafty slump, I take my collection of craft magazines and rip out whatever inspires me and tape it into one of my many inspiration books.

Inspiration Books

Just the act of cutting out the picture or article and taping it into the book is so relaxing for me. And now I have a collection of inspiration books to page through whenever I need a jump start. This year, I want to dig into these books and make use of them.  I’ll do one craft per month inspired by my inspiration books.

Inspiration Book Project pattern

I love the look of tiny seed beads woven into a delicious pattern, but it’s so very time consuming! This pattern seemed to be relatively easy and a little weaving goes a long way. I’m also experimenting with beading wire versus beading string, which is what I typically use for bead weaving.

Inspiration Book Project process01

I adjusted the pattern to accomodate an ombre effect from green to blue to purple. I’m not sure what it will end up as yet, but I’m thinking choker.  Perhaps I’ll add a few drops to the center as a focal.

Inspiration Book Project process02

Stay tuned for the finished product and Inspiration Book Project #2 in February!



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