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Friday Craft, Birth of a Shop

It’s time to focus my energy on creating a business out of this activity I love.

Jewelry. Tutorial. Frame Earrings with Blue Beads 08

Business Goals for 2013:

  • Pick a name for my business…Mama Carrie Makes
  • Assess what I’ve got right now that’s ready to sell; is the market already saturated with similar goods? Lots of jewelry and cards, some books, prayer beads, a couple of sewn items…
  • Research product photography and take high quality pictures of finished products…I built a lightbox and bought three lamps and a tripod. The bulbs I chose gave off a very yellow light, so I’ll need to exchange them and try again…
  • Get printed materials in order (business cards, signage, ??)
  • Research and establish prices…
  • Research product descriptions…
  • Get online shop up and running by April 2013…I’ve chosen to try Etsy first
  • Get business/wholesale license? I’m not sure if I’ll need this as a hobbyist?
  • Make a plan to attend craft fairs in 2014…I hope to attend my first craft fair in the spring/summer as a first draft so I can polish up my game in time for the holiday craft fairs, which is where the $$ can happen.
  • So much to consider, what have I forgotten?!?



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