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Tangle Tuesday, Zentangle 101

Zentangle can have a very meditative, spiritual component. To really really do it right, you’re required to have little ’tiles’ which are made of super duper paper, and just the right kind of pen.

Or you may just want to doodle.

For today’s Tangle Tuesday, we’ll take a very casual look at Zentangle 101. Where to start, what to do, how to finish.

Start with a piece of paper. You will need a thicker piece to hold up to all the ink you’ll be using. I like using watercolor paper. This little journal book was $5.95. You’ll also need a pencil and a good pen. A ballpoint just won’t do. I use Sakura Micron 01, but other options include…

Draw a square. It absolutely does not have to be perfect, better still if it’s a bit wavy and uneven.

Zentangle 101. Step 1

Next draw a ‘string’. This is just a way to break up the square into little sections.

Zentangle 101. Step 2

Now you can add zentangle patterns into the spaces you just created.

Zentangle 101. Step 3a

The purpose here is not to produce a great work of art. It’s just to doodle and relax. No one will know if your Zentangle tile is a dud. The important part is enjoying the act of doodling.

Zentangle 101. Step 3b

Zentangle 101. Step 3c

Next week we’ll finish filling in our Zentangle and learn the importance of shading!



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